The Unseen eBook

The Unseen eBook

This is a PDF download of a novel I wrote many years ago under a pseudonym.


America, 1849. It was a time of great change, as the nation expanded westward and grew richer and more powerful. But beneath what we all know lurked darker things, events that even now are hardly mentioned, and certainly not in our school history books.


A girl, who spent twelve years of her life in an insane asylum, doesn't care about what happens beyond the small world she knows. She's been convinced that she is the only one who can see the ghosts. Broken by torture and maltreatment, she's ready to accept that she really is crazy.


When she seizes a chance to escape, she finds herself alone in a harsh and frightening world, a young woman with the mind of a child. When all she knows is rejection, and with no idea where to go, can she find even one person who will care for her?


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