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Elemental Nude Figure Candlestick - Tin, Copper, Bismuth, and Oxygen

I made this candlestick from the pure elements. The figure, candle holding cup, and removable wax catcher are separate pieces cast out of lead-free pewter, which I made by dissolving a little copper in pure tin. The base and side pieces are bismuth crystal with iridescent oxide colors spanning the rainbow. Oxygen, the element of fire, makes another appearance in the three black crystals which are tin dioxide, aka cassiterite.


The inside diameter of the cup is 1 and 1/8 inch. I will include a couple 1 and 1/4 inch candles with the bases whittled down to size. The wax catcher doubles as a handy tool for trimming a candle to the exact diameter after getting it close with a knife. There is a layer of rubber on the base that keeps it firmly in place on smooth surfaces.


Due to the brittleness of pure bismuth and the small connecting points, this is a very delicate piece. The best way to lift it is by the cup, letting the base hang free. Avoid putting any stress on the three connections at the base.

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